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Making Health Issues
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There are a couple of ways to help a project at HHI - here are a few

Below is a list of volunteer activities;

Organisation Development Areas

(a) Resource Mobilisers and Fundraisers
     Volunteers with skills in resource mobilisation including proposal and concept writing.
(b) Project Designing and Planning Skills
(c) Monitoring and Evaluation skills
(c) Financial Management skills
(d) Gender Mainstreaming and Programming
(e) Environmental Protection ( Maintain Uganda Green [MUG] )

Community and Health

(a) Child and Family Councilors
(b) Social Workers
(c) Community Mobilisers
(d) Medical Students and Professionals
     . Cancer research and screenig
     . Maternal health (Sexual Reproductive Health)
     . First Aid
     . Nurses
     . Pedeatrics
     . Physiotherapy
     .Occupational therapy
     . Entomologists - Skills in Jiggers intervention and eradication, Vector control ( malaria prevention and control)
(e) Family medicine and Community medicine
(f) Adquate Information on HIV/AIDS / PMTCT, EMTCT concept
Whether you are studying or taking an alternative spring break, use HHI's networks to volunteer or conduct research with a number of projects.
If you are interested in any of these opportunities, click on the link below where you can indicate your interest in an opportunity and submit your information.
This Volunteer Opportunities page provides information to individuals wishing to undertake volunteer work with The Health Home Initiative.

Volunteer application form

As  per the HHI Volunteer policy, Overseas volunteers are required to pay USD $950, GBP £642
This Link enables you to learn more about Uganda especially, its population, tourist attractions, security, access to health care services, transport system
and types of food to expect. Help with visa processing is undertaken by the HHI staff.

Life in Uganda
More information on Volunteer Opportunities
With a backpack and an adventurous spirit you have the basic tools to visit HHI projects. HHI's In-the-Field Program recruits, trains, and facilitates individual visits to The Health Home Initiative projects with in Uganda. We work with you to understand your role as an In-the-Field traveler. The rest of the details are up to you!
Trips and Volunteer Vacations
Why pay to volunteer? This is a commonly-asked, but easily answered, question.

Most of the programs that offer international volunteer opportunities charge volunteers a fee in order to cover their year-round coordinating and operational costs. Many also need to raise funds to contribute materials and other resources to the overseas project.

A host community generally will cater for accomodation, feeding and  field transport where necessary. If they had the funds to pay a stipend, they would probably hire a local person instead - someone who speaks the language, understands the community and culture, and is more inclined to stick around.

That said, there are a few international volunteer programs - such as the Peace Corps, International Executive Service Corps, and a few others - which will cover the cost of your room, board, and airfare. In most other cases, part of volunteering abroad means a commitment to fundraising.
Making Health Issues a Priority
The Health Home Initiative
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Volunteers and staff (Part of Eagleswings Charity UK) at the Nebbi project in Northern Uganda.

Brenda during the Voluntary session in Uganda.