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We can reach more vulnerable rural women and children with health, socio- economic and advocacy services. The target beneficiaries are also empowered to identify and address their own concerns for sustainble development of communities.

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Making Health Issues
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Partnerships and Collaborations
NOW!  The Cervical Cancer Awareness and screening campaign is HHI's forefront ongoing project.
The Health Home Initiative (HHI) believes that partnership is strength, therefore to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization; HHI has created partnership with local and international organizations a platform that has created a firm foundation to support vulnerable communities improve their wellbeing. HHI has established and strengthened its partnerships and collaborations with a number of organizations and these include;

Community Hive Organization (CHO)

This is community based organization which mainly focus on older persons and orphans children (OVCs).It provides psychosocial, education, Socio -economic support. HHI is partnering with CHO because they share the same philosophy and for HHI to strengthen its service delivery among the target beneficiaries this kind of partner is very instrumental.

Pearl Humanitarian Relief Support Organization:

This is Non-governmental organization which operates in Kampala district and provides relief and humanitarian services including supporting orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs).In its intervention the organization supports education for OVCs by providing scholastic materials and school fees. Under the relief and humanitarian program PEARL provides food, warm clothing, and treatment including counseling and rehabilitation of displaced persons by harsh conditions. HHI is partnering with PEARL to strengthen its efforts in implementing the emergency and relief program which is one of the core areas so that there is a collective effort to support the disadvantages groups of people.

Ministry of Health:

In Uganda all health programing and strategic planning is done by ministry of health. They are the custodians of all health information regarding prevention and treatment. The Ministry also has a mandate to organize and put in place policy guidelines for implementation of health programs such as HIV Counseling and Testing guidelines, National HIV/AIDS strategic plans and frameworks, Prevention of Mother to Child transmission (PMTCT), maternal Health, tuberculosis and malaria control, including cancer prevention, screening and treatment among others. HHI is collaborating with the Ministry for technical support, access to Information Education and Communication materials (IEC), HIV test kits, anti-malarial drugs and mosquito nets.

Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MGLSD)

MGLSD has a gender mainstreaming program and mandated to provide technical support to government and non-government organizations to enable them mainstream gender in their programs. The Ministry also is the custodian of gender, children, youth and older person’s policies and frameworks and has the capacity to review and modify these existing policies. It also manages the Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment (SAGE) program initiated by the Government of Uganda to support older persons improve their wellbeing. HHI collaborates with the ministry to access IEC materials and policy guidelines.

Stroke Rehabilitation Center (SRC).

This partner provides orthopedic services to the community. In their approach the organization creates awareness, offers counselling, scanning, borne repair, pressure diagnosis and treatment. HHI interventions target older women. This age category is prone to borne problems and therefore partners with Stroke Rehabilitation Center (SRC) purposely for referral of the older women to access services.

Mobile Hospital International (MHI)

This health service provider focuses on providing affordable health care services such as child health care services, HIV counseling and testing, maternal health, family planning, cancer screening and operations, gynecological services among others. HHI collaborates with partner for referral and technical support services.

Eagles Wings Charity in UK

Eagles Wings (UK charity no 1105731) founded by Bruce Oliver in 2004.
Eagles Wings was founded as a humanitarian aid charity to alleviate suffering and poverty by providing basic food, clean water, clothing, shelter and healthcare.
The primary focus of the charity is to target assistance to children, street kids, youth, families, the sick, the elderly and vulnerable and those living in desperate circumstances. HHI collaborates with Eagles Wings Charity UK and provides technical support in the area of health care programming and strengthening.
Making Health Issues a Priority
The Health Home Initiative
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